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Travel Information


Korea has four clear seasons. Spring,Summer,Fall and Winter. Usually Spring is March to May, Summer is June to August, Fall is September to November and Winter is December to February.

In terms of temperature, it is continental climate. Also, it can be monsoon climate in terms of precipitation and wind.

Winter is cold and very dry because a little rain in this season. While in the summer it is hot and humid. Because of seasonal rain front, it rains a lot and typhoons form in this season. Compared with winter and summer, spring and fall is short but clear and warm. Flower festivals holds in every spring and the leaves of a maple trees are beginning turn red in fall.

Time zone

Standard time of Korea is on the basis of 135 degress east longitude. 9hours faster than UTC and does not have daylight savings time. Same hours as UTC+09.


The unit of Korean currency is the ‘Won’ (₩). There are four kinds of coins and four kinds of banknotes.
(Coins: ₩10, ₩50, ₩100 and ₩500. Bank notes: ₩1,000, ₩5,000, ₩10,000 and ₩50,000.)

How to exchange?

Foreign currencies as dollar, Yen etc. or foreign checks is available on exchange in the banks. The bank hours are 9AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday. If you miss to change foreign currencies to Korean currencies, don’t worry about it.
You can exchange it at the airport (1st or 3rd floor in Incheon International Airport). Also you can get a cash using by ATM which is usually in airports, hotels, subway stations and shops. You can use ATMs in 24 hours a day.

Exchange rate

According to the exchange rate system, one US dollar is 1,154.50 KRW as of March 9, 2017.

How to pay?

Most of hotels, restaurants and shops accept the international credit cards as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. However, before use the card check it by the credit card company.


Foreign nationals required to have a valid passport and a Korean visa assigned by overseas branch of Korean embassy or consular offices when entering to Korea. However there are permitted visa-free for a limited period under certain conditions following the “Citizens of the Countries under the Visa Exemption Agreement.”

If you need more information visit this website

Cell Phone

At the Incheon International Airport, you can rent cell phone. When you apply this service, you have to bring the ID card and credit card. Pay rental and call charges upon returning the phone.

Also, there are roaming service center in the Incheon International Airport. (1st floor). Three kinds of roaming center are in there. SK Telecoms Rent a phone Service, KT Phone Rental & Roaming Service and LG U+ Roaming Service. (1st floor and 3rd floor)

At the Gimpo International Airport also provide roaming center. Kind of services are similar as Incheon International Airport. It is next to the 1st Gate, which is in the 1st floor of international flight

Internet Service

Internet Service is available in the airports, train stations, hospitals, hotles, restaurants and lots of public places.
There are Internet cafe in the Incheon International Airport, so you can use Internet and copy or print. Also, if your electronic equipments are get out of battery, you can charge it in the airport.


Usually use 220 volt in Korea,
however some places use 110 volt. So please check it using beforehead.

International call

Before dial the individual number, dial the international dialing code at first and then dial the individual number.
The code is 001, 002, 005, 008 and country code is 82.
Area code of Korea’s major city: 02 (Seoul), 032 (Inchoen), 062 (Gwangju), 053 (Daegu), 042 (Daejeon), 052 (ulsan).

Emergency and important Call

Emergency Service is available around 24 hours.

  • Police: 112
  • Fire station/Emergency Medical Center: 119
  • Infectious disease: 1339
  • The problems of tour processing center: 1800-9008
  • Dasan Call Center: 02-120 (for any general inquires about Seoul)

Lost and Found

If you lost your baggages and stuffs, contact to these centers and check it.

Incheon International Airport
Location: First basement Level in the passenger terminal
Operating Hour: 07:00 - 22:00 (Everyday)
Call: +82-32-741-3110/3114 (Airport police : +82-32-740-0112)
E-mail: find3110@gmail.com
Gimpo International Airport
Call: 02-2660-4097
Operating Hour: 08:00 - 22:00
Call: 02)1599-7777
Homepage: http://www.letskorail.com/ebizprd/prdMain.do
Line 1,2: 02)6110-1122 (City Hall Station)
Line 3,4: 02)6110-3344 (Chungmuro Station)
Line 5,8: 02)6311-6765~8 (Wangsimni Station)
Line 6,7: 02)6311-6766~7 (Taereung Station)
Line 9: 02)2656-0009 (Dongjak Station)
AREX (Airport Railroad)
Homepage: http://www.arex.or.kr/main.do
Information Center
Call: 1330 (Service for the international)


  • Take off shoes when you enter the temple, private house and guest house
  • Korea doesn’t have tipping culture. So, in the hotel and taxi or other facilities don’t demand tip.
    Refuse the tip is not a rude action.

Korean expressions

English Korean Pronunciation
Hello 안녕하세요 An nyeong ha se yo
Thank you 감사합니다 Gam sa hab ni da
I’m Sorry 죄송합니다 Choe song hab ni da
Excuse me 실례합니다 Shil le hab ni da
How much is it? 얼마예요? Ol ma ye yo
It’s okay 괜찮아요 Gwaen chan ah yo
I don’t know 몰라요 Mol la yo
May name is _______. 제 이름은 ______ 입니다. Che yi reum eun ____ im ni da.