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The Organizing Committee prepared tours in various for each theme. Please refer to these tour information and participate in tour program by your taste. Please see the following information to select on the registration page. Also please make sure to get a confirmation letter on July 5, 2017

The official Travel Agency for APACPH 2017 is Plaza 21 Plus Travel Inc.

Official Tour

OT-1 Half Day Incheon Tour : 14:00-17:30, 19 August
  Detailed Information
ITINERARY Tour Desk – Water Taxi & Central Park – Canal Walk – Compact Smart City – Tour Desk
CONDITIONS English speaking guide’s assistance
45-seated deluxe bus
All admission included.
DESCRIPTION Enjoy the Water Taxi at new modern parks such as Songdo Central Park. Central Park has huge seawater lakes and waterways that run through the new city. Canal Walk is an outdoor shopping court in the International Business District Songdo IBD of Songdo, Incheon. The court comprises four sections, one for each season, and is located along a stretch of a man-made canal running north to south. Each block contains fitness clubs, bookstores, clothing and general stores, cafes and restaurants. Incheon Metropolitan City Museum Compact•Smart City was built to be the main facility of the 2009 Global Fair & Festival in Incheon. The past, present and future of Incheon are showcased in the facility’s three exhibition halls. Visitors can be learning about the ongoing development of Incheon and the city’s vision and plans for the future.
Songdo Central Park songdo canal walk smart city
OT-2 Full Day Incheon Tour : 09:00-17:30, 19 August
Detailed Information
ITINERARY Tour Desk – Incheon China Town – Modern Architecture Museum – Attending Korean cooking class at Wolmi Culture Center & lunch – Sinpo Int’l Market – Songdo Central Park – Tour Desk
CONDITIONS English speaking guide’s assistance
45-seated deluxe bus
Lunch included
All admission included.
DESCRIPTION Incheon’s Chinatown came into being with the opening of Incheon Port in 1883 and Incheon’s designation as an extraterritoriality of the Ching Dynasty in the following year. Today, the residents of Chinatown are mostly 2nd or 3rd generation Chinese, descendants of the early Chinese settlers.
You can experience and learning how to cook Korean food in Wolmi Culture Center. Sinpo International market dates back to the late 19th century when vendors began selling fresh vegetables to the Japanese, Chinese, and Westerners who settled in the area. An increasing number of tourists and international merchants have visited Incheon by ferries and cruise ships, turning the local market into an international shopping area over the past few decades. Central Park has huge seawater lakes and waterways that run through the new city.
China town wolmi culture center sinpo international market

Option Tour

Please note that to participate in the below tour program, you have to pay additional fee.

OT-1 1N2D Temple Stay
Detailed Information
  • 11:00Transfer to Ganghwado Island
  • 13:00Attending Temple Stay Program (Learning temple manner, Dinner, Attending Buddhist ceremony at the temple)
  • 04:00Wake up
  • 04:30Temple Stay Program (Attending Buddhist ceremony, Balwoogongyang(temple meal), Walking, Tea ceremony with Buddhist monk, Lunch)
  • 12:00Return to Incheon
PRICE KRW220,000/person
CONDITIONS 1night at the temple(group sharing room basis)
1 breakfast, 1 lunch & 1 dinner at the temple
English speaking guide’s assistance
45-seated deluxe bus
DESCRIPTION Ganghwado Island is the fifth largest island in Korea and is located in the West Sea. It is composed of 11 inhabited islands and 17 uninhabited islands, and its beaches are 99km long. People living on this island from the prehistoric times, there are many ancient artifacts on the island. The most famous of these are the Goindol Rocks, designated as World’s Cultural Treasure. The Goindol graves are where the rulers of the Ganghwa Island in the Bronze Age are buried. There are 80 of these stone graves around the island.
Jeondeungsa Temple is functioned as a sanctuary enshrining family ancestors. Jeondeungsa Temple have been built by the three sons of Dangun, the founder of Korea. It is decorated with delicate carvings, the canopy situated above the Buddha statue inside Daeungbojeon building showcases masterful workmanship. Jeondeungsa Temple holds temple stay programs every weekend. The program learning temple etiquette, performing zen meditation, having a dialogue with a monk, and doing chores together.
ganghwado island Jeondeugnsa Temple temple stay

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